Vitsche is an association of young Ukrainians in Germany

We cannot stand aside and watch the current war events in Ukraine. We organize protests, cultural and educational events, help refugees, and organize humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

About us


Since ancient times, the VITSCHE has been an assembly of free people where important public issues are discussed and decided. This institution of democracy gains new forms and contents in today’s difficult times and shapes socio-political life. VITSCHE is a platform of the people’s will, which is a light of truth in times of hybrid war.

What we do

We do our best to support Ukraine!

Organisation of Protests

Education & Information

Cultural Events

Political Work


Meet Vitsche

Learn more about Vitsche and how you can join our efforts to help Ukraine! We still need volunteers in lots of different departments, ranging from humanitarian aid to organisation of cultural events, support of our therapist team, legal help, accounting... and a lot more

*feel free to get in touch with us

Our demands

Humanitarian Assistance for Ukraine

Trade Stop on Gas and Oil with Russia

Finance assistance for Ukraine

Devastating sanctions on Russia NOW, including complete SWIFT cutoff

Humanitarian Assistance for Ukraine

Weapons and equipment for Ukraine

Fully isolate Russia and Belarus by all means in all formats