First Update from the Polish/ Ukrainian border


  • Gas Heaters. only pre assembled in Berlin with Gas
  • French translators (Many people from Africa only speaking French)
  • Cheap cell phones with SIM cards. Many people have to reach their embassies
  • Cell phone chargers
  • 2 printers to print out signs

There are enough clothes and food.

General Update

People are arriving at the central station in Przemysl by train. Trains are going from Odessa and Lviv. There is a train en route from Lviv already driving for 27 hours. People are very exhausted and just want to sleep.

From the border, there are Buses going to another gathering point close to Przemysl at a Tesco Przemysl Supermarket Tesco.

Caritas is organizing things here but people and children are waiting out in the cold. There is a massive warehouse here which is empty but nobody onsight knows why it’s not used. Maybe we can find out and contact the owner.

I don’t know why people in Germany said that there are no drivers required. A lot of people are waiting for a ride. The coordination is chaotic and slow. While we were standing at the train station people asked us if we could drive them directly to Germany.