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Since the 24th of February 2022, Ukraine has been at war. Russia's attack on Ukraine resulted in unimaginable suffering - numerous people die, and millions are on the run. Russia attempts the total "eradication of Ukrainian identity and culture". To combat these attempts Vitsche, in collaboration with Ukrainian artists, organizes regular cultural and informational events such as art exhibitions, theater, concerts, club nights, and much more...

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Currently on view -
Maks Levin

Max Levin's work had appeared in, amongst others, Reuters, BBC, Associated Press, and hromadske. On March 13, Max drove his car to photograph the fighting in the Kyiv Region. At about 11:30, the contact with Maks was lost and he never appeared online after. It later became known that in the area the intense fighting had begun. The body of the photojournalist was found on April 1. The prosecutor's office is investigating his death. According to the investigation, the unarmed Maks Levin was killed by the Russian military with two shots from a fire weapon. He has left behind four sons, his partner and his elderly parents.

* in collaboration with the Pilecki Institute

In memory of Ukrainian photojournalist
Maks Levin

Artist: Maks Levin

Time: April 8 - April 30

Productivity now / The interactive

Artist: Johnson Smith

Time: May 15 - September 15

Looking to eternity / Generative VR

Artist: Johnson Smith

Time: May 15 - September 15


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