About Us

At Vitsche, our dedicated team is committed to the continuous success of our projects. Additionally, we are proud to collaborate with over 100 community members who actively participate in various projects we initiate and execute.

For inquiries or to connect with our leadership and members, please contact info@vitsche.org and for press and media inquiries, please contact press@vitsche.org

Iryna Shulikina
Executive Director, Chairwoman
Eva Yakubovska
Chief Project Manager, Board Member
Pavlo Melnyk
Project & Fundraising coordinator, Board member
Kateryna Demerza
Head of Communications
Daria Stanchuk
Press Coordinator & Media Administrator
Olga Slozko
Operations & Grant Manager
Kateryna Tarabukina
Cultural project manager, curator
Kateryna Derdiuk
Cultural project manager
Viktoria Feshak
Interdisciplinary analyst & strategist
Serafyma Brig
Cultural project manager, curator
Vladyslava Vorobiova
Activism & Volunteer manager
Krista-Marija Läbe
Strategic communication advisor
Mariia Borysenko
Social & Policies Analyst
Anastasiia Hryhorova
Daria Kolesnykova
SMM/Content manager
Maryna Molochko
Newsletter manager
Elizaveta Mamon
Grant Manager assistant

Founded in January 2022 in Berlin, Vitsche emerged driven by the imminent threat of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Our vision: a Ukraine free, secure, and thriving as a valued EU member. We confront russian disinformation, amplifying Ukrainian voices. Embracing the importance of Ukrainian subjectivity, we advance a decolonial perspective on Ukraine’s history, forging a path to a more just future.

Addressing urgent needs of Ukraine is a core commitment, campaigning for support to alleviate the hardships of the russian war. In Germany, we strengthen the Ukrainian community. With cultural and educational events, we foster unity and understanding, bridging diverse backgrounds.

A safe, democratic Ukraine ensures Europe’s stability and security. Join us, to empower Ukraine and safeguard truth.

Free, protected and thriving Ukraine that is an equal member in the European Union
We advocate for Ukrainian subjectivity and empower Ukrainian community internationally
Our Vision
1. counter russian disinofrmation efforts

We uncover and combat russian disinformation, fostering a globally well-informed and propaganda-resilient community. Through media, discussions, and awareness campaigns, we challenge manipulative russian narratives, enhancing and shaping public security.

2. Decolonial Initiatives

Vitsche fights colonial mentalities and increases Ukrainian subjectivity in the world’s culture, politics, collective memory, and historical events. We tackle the legacy and the enduring impacts of russian imperialism and shed light on Germany’s historical accountability toward Ukraine.

3. Cultural Diplomacy

With our cultural and civil society initiatives, we not only showcase the diversity of Ukrainian arts, traditions, and values but also develop meaningful connections and international support.

4. Addressing current needs of Ukraine

Vitsche promptly responds to the urgent Ukrainian needs. We enable and organize direct humanitarian aid to Ukraine through fundraisers with our partners and engage in projects that align with the immediate needs of the given time.

5. Strengthening the Ukrainian community in Europe

We build and empower the Ukrainian community abroad. We create safe spaces and events for Ukrainians.

Act now for Ukraine
We value people with different backgrounds and interdisciplinary skills that help us realize projects which empower Ukraine
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