Easter with Vitsche

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Easter is a celebration of life’s triumph even in the darkest of times.

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, Easter is a widely celebrated holiday in Ukraine. The tradition that unites these celebrations is not found in a single specific ritual, but rather in the connection we create with loved ones on this day.

On this day, Ukrainians typically travel home to be with their closest ones and to share the festive food and mood.

After 2014, and especially after the full-scale invasion, fewer and fewer people have the opportunity to simply go home for Easter. Some are far from their loved ones, some have had their homes destroyed, and some have loved ones under occupation. We grieve with them and realize what a luxury it is now to be with our loved ones on holidays.

So, to at least slightly heal another wound inflicted upon us by the russian federation, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating this bright day with like-minded people and close ones.

Come celebrate Easter with us on May 5th at Tempelhofer Feld. Bring your Easter bread, krashanky (colored eggs), and anything else you want to eat and drink for a festive meal with others.

We will organize traditional activities such as singing, gaivky (folk game), and egg battles. We want to create a space where the holiday can happen, but we don’t take it upon ourselves to control its flow or dictate how you should behave.

Therefore, everyone can bring something of their own to this holiday and propose an activity!

If you have an idea for a musical performance, please write with your suggestions to Katya Derdyuk

Send all other ideas to us directly or in the comments.

Let’s meet on Sunday at 2 pm at Tempelhofer Feld to remember once again that life triumphs even in the darkest times, and therefore Ukraine will also triumph.

This post’s image features materials from the digitized collection of the Ivan Honchar Museum @honcharmuseum

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