Fundraiser Report: Bamberg:UA x Vitsche #UkraineVerstärker_in

In April, we launched our new fundraising campaign, #UkraineVerstärker_in. Our goal was to raise 30k€ within a month to purchase and transport an evacuation bus to Kropyvnytskyi Hospital. This hospital is near the frontlines in Ukraine’s southeastern region, an area severely affected by daily russian bombardment. We are thrilled by the results and eager to share the finalized reports with you!

We surpassed 30k € and raised a remarkable 42.7k € ! Thanks to this incredible support, we could purchase extra equipment, including a second rescue car and medical backpacks.

The bus can transport 9-11 injured individuals at once and is fully equipped to ensure each person has access to medical care during the journey. The ambulance is crucial for immediate rescues of those affected, and the backpacks are stocked with essential medical supplies, to help increase survival chances before reaching the hospital.

We are incredibly grateful to our partners at BambergUA, who procured and personally delivered the rescue vehicles and critical medical supplies to the rescue workers. Thanks to all of you, everything arrived swiftly to its destination and is already helping Ukrainians to save lives.

This unique fundraising model, inspired by Ukrainians, surpassed our expectations in Germany! We are amazed by the positive response, and plan to use this approach in future fundraisers. 

Our sincere thanks go out to our 13 Ukrainverstarker*innen for supporting this project and helping us reach a broader audience.

Thank you: Patrick Heinemann, Franziska Davies, Rebecca Harms, Enno Lenze, Niklas Wenzel, Frank Peter Wilde, Christian Hagemann, Fabian Hoffmann, Simon Vaut, Till Mayer, Thomas Ney, Mattia Nelles, and Robin Wagener!

The campaign’s success was remarkably swift! We reached the required amount in just three days, and within the following two days, an additional 10k € was donated.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the 460 donors. The average donation sum was 75.79€, and ranged from 1€ donations to 2,000€. Regardless of the sum, you have made a significant impact.

Your support allowed us to exceed our goal and obtain more vital equipment than expected! Your support helps save the lives of Ukrainians under constant russian attacks and is an incredible reminder of the unity within our community.

Thank you all for saving lives!

Let us keep donating and supporting Ukraine in all possible ways.

russia WILL lose