Manifesto of Ukrainian organizations for the CSD Berlin 2023: “Be Pride like Ukraine”

In the face of a full-scale invasion, Ukrainians have come to understand the true meaning of danger solely based on one’s identity. When your very existence is targeted for destruction, and this reality applies to all compatriots, the gravity of the situation becomes clear. russia’s aggressive onslaught against Ukraine has not only shattered the progress made in legislation and local community development, but has also plunged cities and towns under its influence into a bleak past devoid of even the most basic right to life, let alone freedom of speech and will.

This year, we, as representatives of Ukraine, march together towards the CSD in Berlin to declare a resounding message: “The war rages on, lives are lost; let us unite and combat this malevolence together.” Our rallying cry for this year is “Be Pride like Ukraine.” We wish for our European partners and all those who stand in solidarity with Ukraine’s struggle for freedom to intimately connect with the profound sense of survival, freedom, and equality that we are currently experiencing in real time. Our organizations, which were once dedicated to education and culture, are now compelled to seek arms, realizing that only through weaponry and the support of the international community can we halt the dark and insidious russian evil that surrounds us, obliterating everything beautiful in its path. While our loved ones bravely fight on the frontline, it is our duty to become their voices here, and strive for victory and life.

Our march serves as a living testament to the fact that Ukrainians are integral members of the European community, proudly defending the free world with the colors of freedom on their military insignias. During Pride Month and throughout our march, we will share the stories of LGBTQ+ military personnel in Ukraine, their experiences, and their aspirations. It is imperative that our European colleagues do not forget that russian propaganda crumbles in the face of reality. The reality in Ukraine is this: individuals from diverse religions, minorities, and particularly the LGBTQ+ community, stand together in the fight for their lives, freedom, and democratic values. This is the true defense of our rights that we are now compelled to undertake.

If the international community stands up and advocates for equal rights and freedom without discrimination and harassment, they must also stand by our side and aid us in our defense in face of russian aggression. Without your solidarity and assistance, we risk succumbing to darkness, being captured, and destroyed not solely because we are members of the LGBTQ+ community or its allies, but simply because we are Ukrainians who cherish freedom and truth.

Join us in our events during Pride Month and be a part of our Ukrainian column at Pride, organized by Vitsche Berlin in partnership with Kwitne Queer and Platform TU. By joining us you show solidarity and support to our appeals:

● Demanding international justice for Ukraine: holding Russia accountable for its crimes.

● Ensuring crucial weapon deliveries to Ukraine.

● Providing vital information and humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

● Empowering the fight for legal recognition of civil partnerships in Ukraine.  

We, the undersigned, have endorsed the manifesto and will join the column:

● NGO Gender stream:

● NGO WA Sphere, Kharkiv

● Kharkiv Pride

● Platform Tu, Mariupol

● PUBLIC ORGANIZATION “Information and Education Center” For Equal Rights

● TransGeneration NGO ● Resistance IG

● “Ukrainian LGBT+ military for equal rights” NGO

● Insight Public Organization