Press release: Presentation of the Ukrainian Decolonial Glossary and Discussion

On May 30th at Bard College Berlin‘s Lecture Hall from 18:30 to 21:30 the presentation of the Ukrainian Decolonial Glossary will take place followed by a public discussion and a chance to network with others.

Event Details: 

Presentation and discussion will be held in English. Entry is free.

The Ukrainian Decolonial Glossary compiles essential concepts from de- and post-colonial theories specifically relevant to Ukraine. This unique lexicon created by Ukrainian researchers, writers, and artists, focuses on contemporary issues linked to colonialism, imperialism, and the Soviet past. This resource is designed for those in the cultural sphere and related fields, aiming to encourage dialogue and acknowledge subjectivity in the hierarchy of knowledge archives in various institutions. 

Following the presentation, invited speakers will discuss the present state and future possibilities of Ukrainian decolonial thought, art, and culture. Participants will examine the importance of decolonial theory in understanding russia and the Soviet Union, critically analyze the notions of colonialism and coloniality within the Ukrainian context, and draw parallels with other colonial experiences, such as those in Poland and Latin America.

Meet the Panelists:

Dr. Agata Lisiak, Migration Studies professor and Academic Director of the Internship Program at Bard College in Berlin. In her publication “The Making of (Post)colonial Cities in Central Europe,” she examines how postcoloniality impacts urban life in Central European cities.

Dr. Pablo Valdivia is a researcher at the European University Viadrina specializing in Western European Literature. He recently co-organized an international conference titled “Belligerent Accumulation Natural Right, Valorization, and Aesthetics in Colonial Modernity: Histories–Transformations—Resistances.”

Valeriia Buradzhyieva is a curator and artist pursuing a Master’s degree in Performance Studies at Stockholm University. She is also a co-curator for the online platform SONIAKH, which focuses on post- and decoloniality in Ukrainian culture and art.

Kateryna Demerza is pursuing a PhD in philosophy at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, focusing on memory and space studies, and is a head of communications at Vitsche. During the discussion, she will share the approaches Vtische is pursuing to work with russian imperialism in Germany.

Galyna Yarmanova is a researcher teaching courses on gender, sexuality, and feminism at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. She recently led a talk as part of a series at Bard College on “Feminist Pedagogy and Theory in the Times of Crises” examining the impact of neoliberalization on the devaluation of feminist and queer theories in Ukraine.

Moderator: Yurii Boiko is currently a visiting scholar at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and  research assistant at the European University of Viadrina. Yurii is pursuing a PhD in philosophy and is a co-author of the Glossary. 

Join us to explore the glossary, engage in dialogue, and network.                                

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